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Our Fall Back to Fit Challenge is a quick and cheap way to get started at EBG.  You get full access to every class at EBG for one low price.  Tryout our fat blasting level 1 and level 2 classes, our strength building and body shaping AAA classes, or functional small group training with Jon.  It is all included attend anything/everything!

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We are so proud to have Carrie as one of the many recent mothers at EBG.  Like many of our expectant mothers she was able to stay active at EBG for her entire pregnancy keeping her muscles, endurance, and strength levels up while maintaining a healthy pregnancy.  After giving birth Carrie made an incredible transformation and was able to get back to her pre-pregnancy fitness is short order.

Carrie 2017 Post Pregnancy Transformation


I remember seeing the pictures from my oldest daughter’s birthday, the ones where I was in the background and I didn’t have the chance to “suck it in.” Man I did not like how they looked! How embarrassing! It was time to lose the baby weight. I began to eat a healthier diet and exercise more often. My the Fall I made it back to my pre-baby weight. It was nice to be much more comfortable in my body on our vacation! It was a huge help having my trainers and gym friends’s support as made the journey.




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