About Us

A Center for Everyone

EveryBody’s Gym was put together to create a community of health and fitness.  The classes, program, and community strives to be open and inviting for people of all shapes, sizes, and levels.  There are all bodies from beginners focused on weight loss who have a hard time with basic movements, to advanced members that are training for races, sports, or competitions.  A gym for EveryBody!

Our Trainers

Londa (Lead Trainer)

Londa is the lead trainer at EveryBody’s Gym.  She has a background in step aerobics, distance running, and kettlebell training.  Her classes are focused on great cardio and FUN, she is great at working with women and men of all ages and abilities but really enjoys working with people who have been away from the gym for a bit and are looking to get back into shape.


Joe has been interning with Londa at EBG since early in 2014.  With a background in football, and huge personal results with a weight loss of over 75 lbs, Joe is able to pull from his personal experience to help show you what it takes to lose weight and get fit.  Joe is a certified personal trainer through the National Academy of Sports Medicine.


Katelyn is a trainer at Everybody’s Gym. She graduated From Western Washington with a BS in Kinesiology and competed for the track and cross country teams. While in school she received 7 All-American honors in cross country, the steeplechase and the 5k. She loves functional training and working with clients of all ability and energy levels. Katelyn brings her love for fitness and athletics into the gym for a fun and fulfilling class that will bring you through the rest of your day!

Kelly (Internship)

Kelly has been attending EBG since it started in 2014 and has a passion for fitness.   As a mother of two and an active athlete she has personally gone through multiple body transformations where she has put on muscle and lost fat.  She has a BA from WWU in English with an Elementary ED teaching certificate.  Kelly primarily is a fill in to teach a class when one of the lead trainers is unavailable.

Taylor (Internship)

Taylor grew up as an active athlete playing several different sports. Soccer was her main sport, playing for 14 years. She experienced several different injuries during that time, and used gaining strength and flexibility to help her get back on the field. She had her first baby in December of 2018 and is back in the gym.

Our Gym

Enclosed Child Area

Everybody’s Gym has a self-service child play area that is free to be used by children of all members taking a class.  There are some free to use toys, a play desk, and basic art supplies but families are encouraged to bring in their own toys and activities.  Wifi is available if you would like to use a phone/tablet.  Special arrangements can be made for younger children who are able to nap or stay in a play yard.


Field Turf

Our gym features a large open field turf section that is primarily used in our group training sessions.  The field turf is the same type of material used by professional sports teams like the Seattle Seahawks and Seattle Sounders FC.  It’s a similar field surface to grass providing great traction and a soft feel.


One of our primary fitness tools is the russian kettlebell.  The kettlebell is a fantastic tool for both strength development and cardio conditioning.  Most kettlebell movements are compound exercises where you use multiple muscle groups with every movement.  These compound moves burn more calories, strengthen both primary muscles and stabilizing muscles, and are easier on your muscles and joints then most repetitive machine assisted movements.

Kettlebells vary in weight from 8lbs up to 100lbs.  The smaller bells are great for single hand movements like cleans, presses, and curls.  The medium weight kettlebells are used for swings, snatches, goblet squats, farmer’s carries, and weighted lunges.  The heavy bells can be used for bodybuilding movements such as the deadlift.

If you’re new to kettlebells that’s no problem, our instructors work with people of all levels, and will work with each person on proper technique to maximize the efficiency of movement and maximum results

Suspension Training

Suspension training is a great way to control the amount of tension and effort being exerted.  Using your own body weight you can lean out for more intensity or come closer or raise the angle to lower the intensity.

Pull ups are also part of suspension training and one of the best back exercises available.  While many of the men and women of everybodys gym are able to do unassisted strict pull-ups we also utilize bands to help those that are still building up their ability to rep out multiple pull ups.


 Everybody’s gym will also use barbells in it’s training.  Barbells are the best tool for moving large amounts of weight.  Moves such as the heavy back squat, dead lift, and bench press are compound moves that develop the central nervous system and really tell the body that it needs to burn fat and develop muscles.  Our members start with an empty bar and using progressive overload will add weight in a controlled manner to the point where they can dead lift over 400 lbs.

Our barbells are used within our triple power rack to provide a safe and motivating environment.