Fit Camps

Level 1 : A beginner class that focuses on the basic movements and learning to use the fitness equipment such as kettlebells, dumbbells, barbells, battle ropes, medicine balls, and more.  Cardio in these classes is less intense.

Level 2: After getting familiar with the basic movements, members then learn some advanced techniques such as the kettlebell windmill, kettlebell snatch, barbell squat, and plyo box jumps.  Cardio in these classes is mild.

Elite Training:  Assumes that all attendees are comfortable with the basic movements and can perform them without injury.  Classes are more intense with a stronger focus on building endurance and strength.  Sprinting and interval training are a common theme in these classes.

Fun Days: Open to members of all level.  Alternative training circuits using a variety of training tools that are not normally used in standard fit camp days.  Often will include cardio kick boxing with partners and pads.  Strongly recommended that you bring your own gloves.

Kettlebell Thursdays:   On Thursdays we offer kettlebell focused classes.  These classes were designed to really kick your metabolism into gear and build up your endurance.  Kettlebell movements differ from traditional isolation weight training with machines because the swinging motion combined with compound exercises will work multiple muscle groups all at once while taxing the cardio system to burn the maximum amount of calories.  Raise your metabolism and get the most out of every workout!

Focused Training

Strength Camp: Bodybuilding 101, these classes are focused on building muscle and/or toning muscle.  Classes will use power lifts to help stimulate the central nervous system and help build total body muscle.  Very little cardio in these sessions.

Arms, Abs, & Arse (AAA): Focused on toning and building up the glamour muscles, circuits will be designed to help isolate different parts of the arms, abs, and booty to get the beach body you desire.  Very little cardio in these sessions.  Great supplement to our fit camps.

AAA Power: In AAA Power we are really focused on building strength, using the Wendler methodology we employ a structured progressive overload technique and track your progress weekly to really develop your strength, the focus lifts are squat, bench press, and dead lift but also use a mixture of assistance exercises to help build up your strength along with making you look good.  People that are really trying to make their body look healthy and powerful need the AAA Power workout as part of their training!

Small Group with Jon

Small group workouts = extra attention = extra results!  Expect to do circuit training with a large variety of moves that will test your strength, endurance, and balance.  Barbell back squats and barbell dead lifts are a core focus of these classes with an emphasis on hypertrophy and progressive overload, no previous barbell experience is necessary, all levels welcomed, if you don’t know how to use a barbell Jon will spend additional time with you and make sure you can lift the weights safely and effectively.  Every exercise can be tailored to meet the fitness level of each participant, feel free to discuss your fitness level or prior injuries with Jon to make sure you’re comfortable with the workout.  Because of the attention needed in these classes there is a maximum of 10 members per class, priority will go to those that have spoken to Jon ahead of time and those that have checked in first.