Class Descriptions

Fit Camps

Level 1: This class is great for beginners! The fundamentals of functional circuit training can be learned and mastered in this level. It is great for those who want a great workout, but need to gain confidence in the movement. This level will have less sprinting than other courses.

Level 2: This class is our most popular level. Here we have functional movements which include kettlebells, barbells and dumbbells. We incorporate strength and cardio in each workout which leaves you feeling fulfilled after each session. In this level you will do many styles of workouts which will leave your body toned all around. Generally, Wednesday’s are heavier in cardio.

Elite Training:  Designed for members who are confident in their kettlebell, dumbbell, barbell and cardio abilities. Here there is a mix between high metabolic training and strength and functional movements. These workouts will target systems in your body which will leave you in a high fat burning zone for most of the day.

AAA Power: In this class we follow a specific strength program which runs on a three week cycle followed by a deloading week. We focus on our main lifts which include deadlift, bench press, squats and military press. This is a great supplemental class to help develop strength beyond what is offered in our standard classes, but can also be modified for an individual’s needs.

Fun Days: These classes are open to all ability levels. The classes usually consist of Tabata training or strength classes. Tabata is a style of workout which specifically targets fat burning systems. Strength training is designed to strengthen the muscular system for a longer metabolic burn.