Class Descriptions

Sweat Classes

Each day the gym will feature a new scripted workout with a different set of skills and challenges.  We will feature a variety of equipment and styles from quick body-weight movements to heavier barbell movements, each workout is intended to work your entire body and really get the blood flowing and fat burning.

All skill levels and abilities are welcome, if there is any injuries to work around or a technique is too challenging our trainers can offer an alternative movement to fit your needs.  We understand that not everyone is comfortable with all exercises but want to make sure you get a great workout in every time.

The same workout is used throughout each day but at different intensity levels. The Mid-Day workout is generally our least intense workout, but of course you are welcomed to push yourself a little harder or go a little easier at your discretion.   We want you to be comfortable and as such we don’t judge, we don’t yell, we let you do what feels right for you.

Strength Classes

Our strength classes compliment our sweat classes.  These classes will focus much more on form, reps, and weight.  They are designed to feature a progressive overload approach where you will be getting stronger over time.  The major movements are Squats, Deadlifts, and Bench Press using barbells, kettlebells, and dumbbells.

The strength classes are open to anyone just be ready for a different style of workout with a little more focus on how much you are lifting.