Group Training

At the core of Everybody’s Gym are our group training sessions.  This is where the community of the gym gets together and shares their combined energy and experience.  Let’s face it, the environment that you exercise in affects your ability to achieve the desired results. At Everybody’s Gym, the members challenge each other while maintaining a friendly, open atmosphere.  Seasoned vets workout with new members and share what they know, helping everyone progress.  At every workout you’re bound to see an overabundance of both sweat and smiles!
Our basic training session are fit camps.  They combine the use of kettlebells, free weights, ropes, balls, bars, hammers, and other tools to help challenge and motivate you.  In the level 1 classes, no prior experience is necessary as the trainers are happy to help guide you through the movements.

In the level 2 and elite workouts the cardio gets ramped up with more focus on technique and endurance training.  All moves can be modified to work around injuries or physical limitations.  Can’t do pull ups yet?  No problem, we have set up pull up stations with bands that help assist you in getting those reps.

For people looking to tone specific areas or build up their physique we have focused training classes that are built around improving your body and less on cardio endurance.

Ready to hop in and join Everybody’s Gym?  Please contact us at 360-671-3562 to setup a consultation and find out how we can help get you into the body you desire.