Personal Training

Personal Training

If you’re new to the fitness world, have a history of injuries or physical limitations, or looking for advanced training beyond our standard classes, then Personal Training might be what you’re looking for.  Our personal training sessions are tailored to your needs.  Our trainers focus on just you, making sure you are maximizing your effort for the hour long or half hour sessions.  They will work around injuries, focus on the areas you want to focus on, or teach you the techniques specific to your development.

Personal Training is available with any of our trainers in one month packages focusing on once a week or twice a week sessions.

Personal training can be done either one on one, or with one trainer and a couple.

Semi Private Training

An alternative to personal training is our Semi Private sessions.  These sessions are catered to client-specific needs like personal training, but are done with 2 – 4 other people to help reduce costs.  You’ll still get personal attention from the trainer but share in the overall experience with others.  You can do semi private sessions with friends and family or you’ll be grouped with other members.

Whenever possible we try and group similar fitness levels together.